Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mind Your Business

This is not to you my dear readers, it is meant for me to learn to say. . . now that I've got myself all geared up to say it no one has made me feel the need to say it, which is great by me.

At The View, last Thursday, my friends and I had entered the lobby of the building and were waiting to be taken up to the studio.  We waited for 30-40 minutes and at one point, within the first ten minutes, the guard singled out my friend O, and shouted, "Put that phone away!"  

She was talking to her husband on the phone and she quickly said something like, "I've got to go, hon. I'll call you when the show's over. Bye."  

Right as she said, "Bye" an older man in the audience with us hollered, much louder than the guard, "HE SAID, TURN OFF THE PHONE!"

My friend's head did that side ways tilt, you know the one that says "are you really using that tone of voice on me?" and said forcefully, "Mind your business!"

I felt like cheering for her!  Seriously, there was no call for that man to be so rude.

Then man said nothing more and O turned back to our friends and we talked about some of our experiences, some of which were the ones I posted here and on Facebook.  And they convinced me it is past time I learned to say forcefully, "Mind your business."

I never learned to say that.  A lot of the movies I watched as a kid used the phrase, "Mind your own business" so I'm not sure which will come out of my mouth when I need to use it next, but I know which one I like better. "Mind your business" wins out, because of my awesome friends.

At "The View," thirty seconds after the aforementioned experience everyone and their dog in the audience had their phones out texting and calling.  The older man said nothing...

I am so thankful for courageous, determined friends and examples. Thanks O, M, and N! :)


cherry said...

Oh my dear Nelta and her sister!! Was this the day you invited me to come? I missed it!! Next time I hope!

vdg family said...

Marie and Nelta and my friend, Omayma were so great to come along! Next time it would be fabulous to have you come Cherry! :)

Nelta said...

Very proud of you, Mel! It's not that hard! You can do it! "Mind Your Own Business!" see, simple! Hey Cherry! Yes, please come along next time! Melanie and I go to shows all the time! So much fun.