Monday, September 6, 2010

Angry Eyes and Ball Gowns

S caught my attention today when she showed me a new picture she had just drawn. She was delighted with the results, "Look Mommy, I made you a picture. This is you when you are angry."

My eyes opened slowly from their "meditative" -- deep meditation--nearly sleep-like state (okay, okay I was taking a quick nap).

I thought, "Why would she draw me angry? Am I angry that often that she felt she needed to draw me that way? Eek!"

Sometimes I think it would be nice if I could remove my "angry eyes" and put on a face that would instantly change my mood, kind of like a Mr. Potato Head.

I guess I need to monitor my grouchiness level better.

The good news is after a few seconds she showed me two other pictures she had colored of me happy and gorgeous in modest ball gowns.

I love you, S.


Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

I really can't imagine you mad, Mel. Don't worry, she's just letting out the "inner child" :)

Kelly said...

yea, seriously, I can't picture you mad either! I was always amazed by how calm you handled every situation. I learned a lot from you and admire your patience!! You're doing a great job!

Kendra Leigh said...

It could be worse. Ella draws me naked.