Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Kid Thoughts

Sometimes children say funny things that either leaves me laughing or just nodding my head.

For example, this week there was a tornado warning. S kept running around the school yard telling everyone in great excitement and a little agitation "There's a tomato coming! You gotta get home there is a tomato warming."The next day I was scurrying to pick R and S up from school when I saw a mom opening the door of her home and her little 4 or 5 year old sat right next to her saying repeated, exactly like a broken record or a skipping CD "Wachme, Wachme, Wachme." The mother of course was totally oblivious to this--or acted like she was (which is easy for mothers to do--I mean, all day every day of our children saying the same thing over I think it becomes easy--too easy sometimes for our brains to put our children's voices on mute--I know it happens to me a lot).

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doug & mary said...

Hehe..your kids are extra funny and extra cute!