Saturday, September 18, 2010

Governors Island Part 2

On the grass, right before we were going to get on the ferry going to Manhattan we stopped and let the kidlets play for a few moments. We sat in the shade and they ran ahead up to the top of the hill that had easily cross-able fence. Ashley asked me what was at the top of the hill and I said that I thought it was another little slope that ran down into the water-less moat that surrounded the fort in the center of Governor's Island. But I also said I was not completely sure. She jumped up and ran up there just as her daughter ducked under the fence. Ashley got closer and closer to L and T and noticed it was not a slope. It was a fifteen foot drop off into the moat. I walked behind her fairly certain I was correct. . . until I saw. Then we shooed the children away from the fence and the drop off and said silent prayers of gratitude in our minds for A her speedy feet and ability to sense the danger L and T were in.

This was one of the exciting events of the day. The other exciting part of the day was that I missed the boat and W, that had just finished a 27+ hour work shift, had to pick up the kidlets from school.

They have a beach area that is all sandy, but it does not reach down to the water. But it has a snappy restaurant with relatively good food.

London and T played a lot on the ferry. T decided it would be so fun to run away from me toward the far part of the ferry towards fewer people and the water. Some people commented, "That kid is an escape artist."

To assuage his urge to run toward the water I decided to let him use the camera. He took pictures of people and random things. I had to get down to actually get something more than my legs in the picture.

This guy wanted to have T take his picture, though I think they guy thought T was going to get his face. He had a gnarly looking scooter.

This is my favorite picture T took.

It was my first outing outside of Brooklyn since my kids started school. It was fun!


the jensen's said...

Ha! This was such a fun day! Glad I wore my running shoes that day - they came in handy! I love all of Tommy's photos...better than half the ones I take.

Orton Family said...

Looks like you had a great time!!! Fun that you live so close to so many neat things!!!! We love you and miss you all!

Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

A 27 hour shift???? WOWZERS! You guys are amazing!!!