Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mayhem Milk from August 31

This morning T poured a lot of milk into a cup and then onto the floor. Then he decided he didn't want that much (what was in the cup) and figured that he could pour it all back into the carton. When I got there to see what was happening there was a huge puddle of milk on the floor. I took the carton and the cup away. Then proceeded to use my firm mommy voice--to no avail.

The moment I began to talk he smiled his toothy 2-year-old smile, sat down and played in the puddle. I handed him a towel to dry up his mess, which he did.

Next we headed into the bedroom so I could change his very wet diaper. I put him down and said, "T, we do not pour milk on the ground. And we do not sit in milk."

Again his sweet smile crept up on his face and he began to laugh--a mocking sort of laugh--like the whole thing was a plot.

The family joke is that we laugh like that when something has to be done that we would rather not do. I guess it rubbed off on T a little more than I had thought.

I had a really hard time keeping any sort of straight face after that.

How I love my little munchkin. :)


Tyler-n-Terrah Harper said...

He is very cute! It would be hard to be mad at him for too long! :)

Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

What a good way to look at spilt milk.

GR82BAMOM said...

I had to install a refrigerator lock because of all the milk spillage going on. It worked for a good long time, until he figured it out, but by then he was at an age where I could reason with him. You're doing an excellent job as a mother! You guys have terrific children!

vdg family said...

Thank you all! Your comments mean a lot to me!