Sunday, September 12, 2010

Governor's Island

On Saturday we went to Governor's Island. It's free, we got to go on a boat, and on Fridays you can go for a bike ride (kids and adults--baby carriers attached) for free for one hour. They also have some fancier bikes for those that are willing to pay a small fortune for a delightful bike.

They had a free or suggested admission mini-golf course, which was a bit broken down in spots, but the kids did not care--they loved it and spent an hour there. They would have spent more time there but they were closing for the day.

It was a beautiful, quick five minute boat ride. S talked to all the people around us--true VDG. I loved it and the kids I think would have gone it again and again, even though they could not go on the roof of the small ferry boat.

This is the touchable art. The kids loved it. That bunch of barrels behind T was a bunch of drums--the kids loved all of it.

I love R's smile. It makes me so happy.

Governor's Island used to be a military base until a few years ago. Oddly enough I could picture a huge EFY group there walking around singing, carrying their scriptures, and enjoying the beauty that surrounds the place. I couldn't help being a little jealous of the people that got to live there.

R said, "Ahhh, it's eating me." It is a big balloon in the touchable art show.

T was having a glorious time climbing into the hut. He stayed in there for five or ten minutes. It reminded me of the playground at Smith Park in my hometown.

Afterward we all felt like T looks. He fell asleep about two seconds later.

I think it would be really fun to go again, if you'd like to come with me leave a comment. We'll go again together sometime soon.


Lindsay said...

When do they close for the season? We went to Governor's Island a couple years ago and loved it. It's so quiet there -- and green. Hard to believe it's a 5 minute boat ride from the city! I'm glad you guys had fun!

Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

Wow! Roscoe's permanent teeth are darling and handsome!

Chelise said...

Your kiddos are growing up so quickly Especially, well, all of them! If I were ever to explore a city, it would be with you. You find the most dandy of places to visit and things to engage in.

Nelta said...

I would LOVE to go! Looks like sooooo much fun!