Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School Anxiety

Why a bear? It is how I feel, a busy, old, cantankerous bear. I want you to know that I usually do not condone rants on blogs. I want my blog to be a bit of joy for your day. But some days, I feel sort of out of sorts (he,he). Like today for example.

It was the first day of school. The kids were so excited! I was excited too, in a dreading sort of way. We went for the intro to kindergarten and S's teacher bored me out of my mind. She literally spent 5 whole minutes on what type of folder they should bring--not the cheap kind. The slight-ish saving factor was that T decided it was time to run around the school screaming at the top of his lungs, which was embarrassing and no amount of shushing would abate T's energy level and agitation.

Why do I dread school for S?

Then we went to eat out, something I seldom do--especially with kidlets. After a tasty lunch I paid. It ended up being about $15. I paid $17.50. Was that a lousy tip? I thought it was a pretty good 15%-ish tip.

The waiter was livid and said, "Only $2?" "Is that right?"

I walked a few feet away, feeling that flush of disdainful anger speeding through my system, and replied stately, " Yes, it is right, considering how much business I turn your way."

You see, when I do eat out, I usually go to that place because they have a cheap, but tasty lunch menu--which is all I can, at present, afford. Which is what I got today, but ate in--but I usually do take out.

I tell all my friends to go to that place. I tell them it probably is some of the best Chinese food in our area of Brooklyn. When people that don't know the area ask where they should go to eat, I tell them that place. Perhaps it is time to downgrade my recommendations.

Right now that feels like the disgusting icing on the birthday cake.

Why is it when my kids start school, I feel like half of me walks away for the day and I have to go pick it up later? I know they are learning great things and making new friends, but that first few weeks of school I suffer from separation anxiety like a person that is missing an essential bodily organ.

I feel like Marlen on "Finding Nemo" when he says something like, "Son, maybe we should wait five more years for you to go to school, then I'll know you'll be ready."

What do you mothers do? How do you cope? Do you leave more than a 15% tip?

I am going to add first day of school pictures when I feel a little more upbeat about the whole thing.


Whitney said...

I think a 15% tip is perfectly fine! I certainly wouldn't leave any more than that! As for kids going to school, I'm cherishing my time with Blake now because I can't imagine him being old enough to go to school. What will I do?!

doug & mary said...

That's a good tip. I was watching something today were the maid was livid that she didn't get a tip for making a bed at the hotel she works at, ironically it was in NYC. What's wrong with people?

Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

Way good tip, Mel. And good tips for me on what the parents of my students must be feeling. I had better let the parents linger a little longer in the halls saying goodbye! It's transition time, and I know you will make it!!!

Camille said...

I can't believe he had the nerve to say something. That is the expected tip, unless of course they state that parties over a certain number will have 18% added. If they're amazing I leave a little more, but he didn't sound amazing! Next time I'd leave him a real tip like, "Gratitude is the key to happiness."
As for school.... I feel huge anxiety when I sent Kaylee to Kindergarten. I was worried about her school atmosphere and the other kids and such, but it has been good. She has thrived. I sent Charles this year and he had a bit of a hard time watching me leave, which I was completely unprepared for! Kaylee couldn't wait to ditch me. He is liking it now, though. I do sometimes feel like they are no longer under my complete care, but in a lot of ways that has been so good for me and them! I am a mom who desperately needs that time away from them each day so I can let them grow up.

vdg family said...

Your words have comforted my soul. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.