Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sugar = ?

New studies, apparently, are showing that we need to reduce the amounts of sugar we take in, by drastic amounts. Sugar is in practically everything we eat and it can impact us exponentially. Insomuch that NYC has a new sign they are posting in many subway trains for 3-month-runs. You can find out more about it by going here (where I got the picture).

Isn't it telling though. How many of us thought those drinks were doing that to us? Doesn't it make you want to hide your sugar soda/drink so no one sees you drinking it? It is very to-the-point.

Good thing this doesn't seem to include candy or pastries or I would think I may be in trouble. How much of that gunk is in my system now? I shudder to think. Dollar store candy, you are the bane of my existence--and teeth.

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the jensen's said...

Oh I know about this all too well. My doctor even told me to lay off the soda because I was gaining weight so rapidly at the beginning of my pregnancy. Thanks doc! So I did, but of course indulged myself in everything else, gained 50 pounds and had a near 10 pound baby! Disgusting. I vow that next time will be different! (I still feel guilty every time I have a soda. But sometimes you just can resist, you know?)