Thursday, September 10, 2009

Updates on Goliath

You know how a few months ago I told you about a guy I keep seeing in my neighborhood that seems to be eight feet tall and also seems to have his own climate. Well today I saw him again and I decided his new nickname is going to be Goliath--not because he's bad, because frankly I really don't know that or not and I don't feel right to judge. That is his nickname because I don't know the names of any other sort of giant-ish people.

Let me give you a short description of the fellow. He is tall, long sandy hair, beard, bushy eyebrows, and has a lack of appreciation for the above head personal space of random passers-by.

Anyway, I was finishing my jog today and walking the last block to my house to cool down when I happened upon this man. I smiled at someone else I was passing and out of the corner of my eye saw the guy. As he passed me leaned down practically into my personal bubble of space and said sarcastically, "How do you like my weather?"

What did he mean by that? How should I have responded? Should I have said, "Thank you for your good weather, good sir. It couldn't get better." or "Your not the one responsible for this fine weather. [I would have sounded incredulous--respectfully incredulous.] Someone much bigger than you is in charge of everything."?

I may have told you before this guy kinda scares me. . . once again I am reminded why.

I am learning that one must face one's fears, mustn't one?! I am truly tempted to say to the guy next time he does something like that, "I'm fine, and how are you?"

Do you think that would rock his giant-sized boat? What is your opinion on the subject?


GR82BAMOM said...

I have seen this guy walking down our street. He is so tall and has such a mean-looking face that you really can't help but stare. I think that his meanness must be attributed to that very same fact. You just really can't help but look at the guy and it really bothers him. Every time I see him I wonder, "What did his parents feed this kid?" He is the kind of person that should be in movies or a TV show perhaps.

GR82BAMOM said...

Hey! I saw him again yesterday! Guess what kind of dog he has?! A chihuahua!! Hilarious!!

vdg family said...

Lol, that makes me laugh.