Friday, September 25, 2009


Lately I have been striving (somewhat successfully) to enjoy my children more every day and to enjoy all the little things my kids have been doing. I have been impressed by the little things my kids have been doing.

R has started school. He likes it for the most part, but isn't too thrilled with the length (I miss him too so I can't argue with that). He listens well and is quite obedient. He is determined and loves to play any game on the computer. When he was reading to me yesterday I felt so thankful and blessed and proud. Sure he's not ready to start reading professionally, but he is getting better and I can hear the progress.

When I was growing up my parents had me and my brothers read in the car when we went on family trips (you've probably read this before). It always felt like my parents thought I was the best reader in the world and I could almost touch their pride in me. Thanks Mom and Dad! I want my kids to feel that too!

S has been playing with T. She is so loving and kind and they both laugh almost the entire time they are playing. They build castles out of the couch cushions and they tunnel through the blankets. The "cook" yummy food in their kitchen and pretend to eat it. S reads T his favorite book of colors and objects. She shares the telephone when addressed by T (thank you Grandmas for your dear patience in waiting for the telephone transfers). She loves to help with cooking and we've cooked dozens of yummy whole wheat muffins in the last few weeks. She loves to go to the park and makes friends quickly with any girls or boys on the playground. She loves to paint and draw. I am so thankful she is my girl!

T adores W and follows him everywhere. When it comes time for W to go, T will wail for him at the door (until sidetracked). He loves, loves, loves phones. He will spend an hour playing with the same phone. It makes him feel sublimely happy. When I take pictures he gives me a complementary smile. He loves stories and he pushes his stroller any where he can. He says "apple," "ball" "kack kack" (back pack) and a small assortment of other words.

These are just a few of the great things that I love about my dear ones. I am so blessed!


Orton Family said...

I loved this post! It is so beautiful to hear about how everyone is growing up so fast and so good! Isn't it wonderful to be a mother and to enjoy watching our sweet ones learn and grow? Sometimes I like to sit on the couch and smile and watch them play. :-)We love you and are missing you soooooo much! We love to see the pictures of all the children - they are so cute! And sweet and fun!!! Give them all hugs for us!!! Last night during Women's conference I was thinking - I wonder if Melanie is watching this too right now at the same time beneath the pale moonlight. Someone's thinking of you and loving you tonight! Love Tanya and Brent

vdg family said...

Thanks Tanya! I was listening, it was pouring rain for us. :D We miss you sooo much too! I have more I am still attempting to post. We love you too!

Joe and Kristin Family said...

Wayne & Mel,

Great pictures. Your kids are growing up all too fast. Thomas, especially. He's huge! Where did that come from?

Thanks for sharing all the fun pics

Mindy said...