Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Ouchie of the Week

This posting may contain an image that is slightly disturbing. If you are affected by pictures of abnormally large blisters, shield your eyes.

You may have noticed a weird addendum to the side my foot today. Well, it is official. I have got the biggest blister I have ever had. Sadly I cannot claim to have gotten it in some courageous way like a death-defying feat to save the whales or even climbing a tree to rescue a caterpillar. It came from an attempted roller blade ride to Shore Road (approximately 1 mile away) with one pair of normal socks and roller blades from the thrift store.

I started out, sure I got a few amused smiles--okay a lot of amused smiles. My helmet felt like it should fit when I started but the minute I got outside it promptly determined otherwise. For some reason it preferred to sit on the back of my head (or off) but I pulled it on as quickly as possible.

There was a point when I started going down the hill and decided that I should practice what W suggested. There was a sweet family walking up the hill from below. I stopped to wait for them and the father gave me a sort of worried look and told me, "Just being wary." I smiled understandingly and laughed, "I'd be wary too if I were you." They walked by and I rode on.

It was around then I noticed a small pain in my foot. I rode about 3 more blocks and all of the sudden the pain was excruciating. If I stepped or try to ride at all it felt like a tack entering into my feet (it was awful). I started the mile long trek back to the house and each step was pain filled. I passed a few people and smiled as if nothing was wrong. I tried breathing techniques to quell my attention the pain (you know, like when you have a baby). Apparently I need more practice at that.

A few people gave me really funny looks because I was taking baby steps (they were the most comfortable). An old man walked slowly passed me, that was kind of embarrassing. I just kept on the baby steps until I crossed roads and then I let the pain reign as I raced across.

I took of my shoes the second I got inside the front door and found a blister 1.5 to 2 inches across and an inch tall. In short--OUCH!

I later went to a nearby store and purchased 50 huge band-aids (it takes two to completely cover it). If I ever use those skates again I am going to wear three pairs of socks.

Note to self: Do not buy skates from the thrift store--unless they are brand new.

The oozing part is only a part of the blister. The circled part is how biggish it really is. That white blob is the removed skin, I couldn't bring myself to pull it off. Thank heaven for Neosporin-y anti-everything salves.


Joe and Kristin Family said...

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Apply the pyschology of a band-aid (you know, the reassuring peace and change that comes to kids when you tell them you'll put a band-aid on it).


Orton Family said...

Oh Melanie - That looks so painful! Are you doing alright? Can you even where your shoes? We are so sorry!

Mindy said...

Thanks for posting the battle scar Mel. That's a good one!

-Steve V.