Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tooth Fairy

R lost his second tooth last night. In anticipation for the celebrated and exciting tooth fairy he carefully situated the tooth under his pillow during the night.

Somehow the tooth fairy fell asleep on the way and failed to make the proper switch.

Luckily Daddy was there to save the day. He gave her a quick phone call, rushed into the room and told the kids they had to close their eyes so the tooth fairy could come (because, as you know, children cannot see her). Then when they opened their eyes R tore the pillow off of the bed and Ta-da the money was there. That tooth fairy is one clever fairy.

Before this occurred I heard the kids talking together.

R: Do you think the tooth fairy is real? I mean, Santa is real because we see him, but we don't see the tooth fairy. . .


cherry said...

i love how you enjoy each other's presence in your family and you can create wonderful memories out of simple thing...i love the "VDG cruise" at IKEA's parking lot!!

Lindsay said...

That R is a thinker!