Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Realizations of a 10-er-um-twenty-something-year-old

Today the kidlets and I went to the beach. It wasn't just any beach either, it was a pay-$8-a-vehicle beach. It was . . . . drumroll please . . . the Robert Moses Beach. You know it has water when it has Moses in the name right?

It felt like I was 10 again. Let me tell you why. Before we went to the beach we stopped by my favorite dollar store--commonly called Dollar Tree--which for some of you might be incredibly uneventful. Sure, we have 99 cent stores around us (some may argue that we have too many), but their names are indelibly misleading because most things in them cost $1.49. That extra $.50 adds up pretty quick in my mind so I buy half as much as I would if they actually sold things for 99 cents (sad but true).

Back on target-------okay, so I bought about $5 worth of junk food--carmels, jolly ranchers, heart-attack-in-a-bag-bugels (seriously 40% dv of sat fat and you know you can't eat just one OR just one serving), and fruit juice. I forgot to mention I bought sugar-filled cookies and candy--cough--granola bars. Bring on the simple sugars. Needless to say we were all feeling pretty happy.

W was out of school by very rare happenstance and he came too so when we got there I took Tommy and we played in the water then I gave W the babe and grabbed R by the arm and played in the waves (which were delightfully dandy).

This beach is very different from Coney Island Beach because
1. It is much cleaner (bathroom, showers, quick outside shower for your legs and feet too)
2. The sand is actual sand-not mud.
3.I didn't see any glass in the sand (Coney Island has a rich assortment of colors broken into their sand)
4. I actually saw a crab at R.M.B.
5. People had kids and were for the most part modest, which makes it more comfortable for everyone.
6. Did I mention the place was clean?
7. Bigger waves--ohhhhhhh.

You may think I am one of those mothers that delights in sitting and watching my child play in the sand and build sandcastles and cheer them on. I do like that. If I have a good conversationalist with me I could do it for hours watching all my kids build sand castles--if they didn't move from their spot but kids never stay in the same place for more than 10 minutes.

Playing in the water holding R's hand and knowing the others are safe with a responsible adult (like W) is so heavenly. Memories flood my mind with the new ones I make as I feel the water on my body.

I didn't initially mean to get wet, I mean I had on my cute cut-off capris and a hot pink shirt, but T got pummeled by a wave and I had to save him. Since I was nearly half way wet I decided there was no problem getting all wet. I figured with what I was wearing it would look somewhat like a wet suit--at least the wet part.

I got a few funny looks, especially when I was running as hard as I could, stepped in a hole and face planted into the water. It was wonderful. I love playing in the water. Every time I fell and got back up and fell immediately down I could not help but laugh gleefully. I saved the kid's toys several times and must have done so heroically because some of the other mothers were cheering for me (thanks).

Overall it was delightful to play like crazy and to enjoy all the gloriousness of the ocean. Thanks W for letting me play like I was ten and for allowing me to splurge on the candy until Halloween time.

Sisters that live near me I think we should make a Robert Moses Beach day. That way we can converse, watch, and play all we need. It is so relaxing. Ahhhhh.

Sadly I forgot my camera and my phone so I have no pictures, but hopefully a video of us leaving will come soon. :D


Mara said...

We love the beach and go several times a summer now that it's only about a half-hour from us. I never went to Coney Island when we were in NYC for the very reasons you cite, especially the cleanliness issue. But there's something just so great about sand and sun and big crashing waves. Problem is, I can't go by myself with the boys because T is a water kid and S is just the opposite. Nate and I pretty much have to spend the entire time in opposite ends of the area, each with a different kid. But it's worth it!

Chelise said...

Mel! How wonderful- you got a little mini vacation, and Wayne was there to share it too!

I love the part about going for the Gold- don't let a random pair of ultra-cute clothes stop you from indulging in your memories, and who cares about a little face plant! It makes it all the more fun! I'm sure it turned out wonderfully!

Keep up all the good times :).

Emily said...

Yay! Trip to the beach! When?

the jensen's said...

I'm in. Let's go! While the weather is still good...