Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturday is a special day . . .

What could be more fun than spending time as a family. We were trying to find a festival in Red Hook, but ended up going to Ikea and driving around. We pretended we were going on a cruise and drove through the Carribean Princess Cruise parking lot a couple of times. We should have gotten out and taken pictures of us waving at passengers, but they kept giving us the suspicious look so we stayed in the car and took pictures instead. I love being with my dear ones. Each day is a new adventure and I am so thankful to be having an adventure with them--especially my sweet husband that I love profusely! Heaven wouldn't be Heaven without them.

R's happy face about being at Ikea--or something like that makes me happy.

Also, the pictures are blurry because my dear T has a fetish for my phone and will not put it down if he gets his sweet, often dirty hands on it. I think his small, lens size fingertips were all over the lens prior to this picture. It could have also have been that it was taken with a camera phone inside a building.

Apparently he wants a moment at the keyboard and he's sitting next to me saying "Hep! Hep" which means, "Help." He wants to help me. Such a sweetie.

fdhv-- love T


Chelise said...

How fun for you- your kids have such great imaginations all bc of you!

Kristin Van De Graaff said...

You're so awesome! I love reading about all your adventures.