Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be thankful for blessings already on their way.

The other day we were preparing to have dinner. T was asked to give the blessing on the food. For some reason this request would have caused delight and smiles, but this time however it produced a small non-screaming tantrum. It went something like this. . . W was prompting T with words to say.

W: Please bless the food.
T: NO peas bless food.
W: Bless Mommy.
T: NO bless Mommy.
W: Please bless R.
T: NO peas bless R.
W: Bless S.

You get the idea. It was a sweet, in a rebellious sort of way.

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GR82BAMOM said...

I love it when they say their prayers. I am convinced these go to the top of the list! ;)