Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear R:

Today was the Valentines Day Bake Sale at your school. I forgot to give you the money so I ran it over to the school to give to you. You looked so happy when you got it--it made me feel like the world's best mom. :)

Tonight as we were eating dinner you told us about your day. I love this time because I feel we really connect much more than we do when we do not eat dinner together. You told me about your interactions at lunch. You said that since I gave you $4 and you really only needed one that you gave the other dollars to three other kids in your class that didn't have any money. So they all got goodies from the bake sale and not just you. When you read this you can imagine yourself getting one of the hugs you have tell me that I am smushing you and to please stop. :)

Then you told me that you didn't get a snack and that no one shared (the teacher last year told me that you don't like to take other people's food so I am not sure if that is the case today). I felt sad that you had not found the snack in your bag (S found for him later--and promptly shared it with T).

I love you R. I love your kindness and generosity. Thank you for being my boy.



cherry said...

R touched my heart and you also did, i sincerely love you friend even if we dont get together much, i hope we live close to each other, i promise, one day i'll just surprise you with my presence! i was sincerely thinking abut you last sunday, got overwhelmed with a lot of things and forgot to ask Bro. V...take care, you are not only a good mom and wife, you are also a good samaritan...

vdg family said...

Thank you Cherry! I treasure our friendship! You are a good Samaritan!