Saturday, February 20, 2010

For the first time in the 1.5 years I have lived here I met the USPS package guy

We just got a package in the mail. Usually we don't get any notice of any kind until they leave us a slightly threatening FINAL NOTICE. Then we have to rush down to the post office. Maybe the guy is new--maybe the good people of Bay Ridge have reached their limit of USPS non-delivery.

If we hear the doorbell (which is a huge if) then we rush down the stairs as if we had no idea stop, drop and roll worked for putting out a fire on our shirt tails. If we are very lucky they stand there for a few moments. But I think most of the time the count to two in their head and, if they are not threatened by some nearby dog in his/her owner's arms they may leave a notice. Otherwise they bolt to their van to avoid the meter police for their double parking (a measly $119 fine).

So today I zipped down the stairs. The USPS package guy (whom I have never before seen) was already in his van. I watched him put the package in the back of his truck and begin to get into the drivers seat. S had followed me down and I shouted for her to bring me my shoes as quickly as possible. I told her to toss them down the stairs.

Thankfully the guy saw me and headed back with the package. He told me since there was no intercom he couldn't tell if I was home or not.

Right then S came down the steps with my shoes. She threw them down the last four steps (thank you, dearie). I look at them after I thanked the USPS guy and she had thrown down my fanciest, Sunday, high heeled shoes.

What better time to make a fashion statement than chasing after the mail man with high heeled shoes.

We now have some more music, yay!


Mindy said...

Yeah! I'm glad you got some music! Have you gotten my package yet? I sent a little something a while ago. I hope you get it! I addressed it to the Brooklyn address I had - hope it's right. That is so sweet about R sharing his money. Thank you for inviting me to read all your blessedness! Cute new blog by the way. I hope you are having a good day. We love you!

Lindsay said...

I think our USPS guy has decided to stop trying. Earlier this week I spent every day at home because we were waiting for some UPS and FEDEX packages. No USPS guy ever came. And then out the blue I got the pink slip in my mailbox claiming that he had. Grrr. I will spare you all the trouble I've had with UPS (can't stand 'em), but suffice it to say that getting packages in this city is the big pain in the neck.

GR82BAMOM said...

I never have any problems receiving packages, but that's because we have an elevator in our building (which makes all the difference in the world) and a good intercom system. Also, our super occasionally accepts packages.

That's funny about the high heels!

Camille said...

Ha ha ha! You know Fancy Nancy would NEVER try to track down UPS without some eye-catching shoes. Go S!!!