Friday, February 12, 2010

A few moments with T

Dear T:

Today we were nearly alone (S was asleep on the couch).

We sat at the table eating grapes. You hopped around on the ground declaring boldly that you were dasing (dancing). I raised my shoulders up and down with your type of rhythm. We both laughed. It was fun.

After that you snuggled up in my arms and said you were sweepy (sleepy). I got you gathered up and we went in to lie down on my bed so you could sleep (thanks for giving me a hug as we walked). Of course, the moment we both began to close our eyes to "sweep" you jumped up and started dasing. again. Then I said "Lie down, T." You laid down for 1.5 seconds then leaped up and danced again.

Then you pointed at my nose and said "nose." I immediately tickled you. You fell down on the bed and pillow laughing. Jumped up, pointed to my nose and said, "Nose." Again I tickled you. We were both laughing.

Thanks for making my days brighter. I love you!


P.S. Aunt Chelise took this photo. I love it. She is such an amazing photographer!

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