Monday, February 22, 2010

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Upstairs Apartment
$1100 plus utilities
nonsmoker, no pets
available 4/1
2 Bedroom
8215 5th Ave

Friends: If you know someone that is thinking to Bay Ridge or if YOU would like to move to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY I just saw a sign for an apartment near my place.

You can now imagine me nodding the all-knowing nod and raising my eyebrows in the you-know-you-want-it fashion.

There is a laundromat and grocery store across the street. It is above a lawyers office. It is next to the cutest children's clothing store (although it is pretty expensive). What I consider to be the best Chinese food in Bay Ridge is 3/4 of a block away.

It is close to many ward members (including me :D) . Century 21 (an awesome Macey's-type department store), GAP, Children's Place, NY&Co, Vitamin Shoppe, 5 Brothers Hamburger Place, etc. are a mere 3.5-4 blocks away.

The schools are pretty great and very diverse. Street parking is do-able.

Call right away. Apartments go pretty fast here. C'mon, you KNOW you want it. ;)

Disclaimer: I am not sure what the apartment looks like, but I am hoping that it is marvelous.


Camille said...

For a minute there, I thought YOU were moving. I'm tempted, very tempted....but sadly, that is more than my mortgage payment! Aack! And think of all the money I'd spend going to shows on Broadway night after night.... ;)

vdg family said...

We are going to be here for the duration. But I will admit the mortgage sounds marvelous! I only make it to any Broadway show about once a year. :)

Kelly said...

was this for me?? I totally want to move back and wish I could!!

vdg family said...

YES Kelly! Move back! Move back! We need you!

rachel said...

I would've. Oh how I would've... I do so miss our adventures...