Friday, February 12, 2010

Letter to S

Dear S:

Tonight I was watching Julie and Juliet absorbing Julie's desire to create something while making a delicious and healthy non-Juliet Child meal. You came in and wanted to help. I love it when you do that.

Of course you went and got your hands washed (after a quiet reminder) and promptly found the oatmeal (not a part of the meal) and began running your hands through it, claiming there was sugar at the bottom (there was not).

After the oatmeal was re-topped and moved out of sight you skipped to the bathroom to wash your hands.

You did an excellent job of stirring our Tuscan Vegetable soup with not enough chicken broth and too many tomatoes (we did some rebalancing later).

You called Daddy for dinner (which brought everyone else). We all loaded around the table and you proudly announced that we were having dinner you helped fix. My heart beamed with pride at your pride.

After everyone had finished eating except you and I (you on your second helping our delicious soup) I told you that you did a good job helping me fix our soup. You then elaborated on your hard work and that stirring was the most important job in cooking--even more than what I did (everything else :)). Of course, I nodded and winked.

You are such a good girl. I love you so dearly. Thank you for being my girl.


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