Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spring Remodeling

Some of you have been to my apartment. It is not pretty. It is not one that gives you a visual hug. It is one that says--"Help me" [gasp] "I'm falling apart." Sadly a few weeks at a sanitarium is not an option for it. And since our dear landlords feel like saints doing the absolute minimum (and that is the smallest of minimums). I am going to take a leap and put my security deposit into jeopardy.

After living here for a renter's long time and having that paneling on my wall give me dirty looks every day I have decided to make some changes. No, I am not signing up to be a reality redecorating show desperado [though I live in a re-decorator's heavenly heck], I am taking it into my own hands (Mwah ha ha).

Last week I called in to give them my extensive list of fixings. It was extensive (what can I say--I'm a compiler--not a one-at-a-time-r). After listening for a few minutes the lady (probably the properties manager) flatly said to me, "Do you just sit around your apartment all day and look for things that are wrong with it?"

Seriously, she really said that. Is your mouth gaping? Mine was. Sadly my cool was lost and my face was hot. Out came a jumble of outraged words ending with I want the owner to call me (he has not). It was not pretty. I think I scared her.

Just for the record, I do not recommend losing one's temper. Normally results vary from bad to terrible. But this time it must have been the push she needed to send someone over to assess the turmoil.

He is going to fix the:
  1. kitchen floor
  2. rotting counter top
  3. chipping bathroom door
  4. hallway doorways
  5. heaters in the kitchen and front rooms (hopefully)
Now here is the list of things I want to fix. Yes, it is extensive. Yes, it is a lot to hope for. I don't mind if you scroll past it to read the ending. It is mostly for my benefit.

Paint cupboards white
New Flooring
New counter top by sink
Under cabinet lighting
Paint over wall paper
Eventually new sink sprayer
Way to cover up holes in sink
More cabinets?

Maybe paint white
Add mirror

Get rid of mildew
Paint the door and the doorway white (inside at least)

Front Room

New couch
Paint furniture white
Re-arrange so piano and desk are by windows
Find a chair that fits under the desk
Re-paint table and chairs
New chandelier (or figure out how to fix the present one)

Master Bedroom
Head board
Chest of drawers instead of broken half closet
Possible hole in the wall with window for natural light entrance
Consider removing the kids "closet"

Kids Room
Figure out what way I want the beds. Will it be worth it to put the queen back in, take down the crib, and put the trundle underneath? We got a trundle bed yesterday on freecycle (a yahoo group).
Head board
Toy exchange (Dora house, kitchen, stuffed animals, puppets)

Pictures/tennis rackets on the wall
Hide CPUs and Printer--pondering

Dad V flew in today to help me with the cabinets. Isn't that nice? I am a very blessed person and I will take all the help I can get. Thanks Dad!

I am now going to imagine walking into my apartment post-change. Deep breath. Beautiful. Peaceful. This must be the most beautiful home in . . . my building.


Lindsay said...

Way to stick it to the property manager. You deserve to at least live in a place where you don't hurt yourself on the kitchen floor. :) I hope all of your remodeling dreams come true!

Cami said...

WAIT!!! DO NOT PUT YOUR PIANO BY A WINDOW!!! It will go out of tune a lot quicker if you leave it near an outside wall (rather than an inside wall) or near a window/door. If you must have it by an outside wall, put a blanket over the back of it to help protect it.
okay...that is all...

vdg family said...

Oh Cami, lol. :) Good to know. The piano we have is not a real piano--it is electric. Our old piano did not make it through our stairwell.

the jensen's said...

Way to go! Home improvements can be overwhelming, but it will be fun! You will love the end result, and I think it is so important to feel happy with your "space." I want to help! Seriously.