Thursday, February 18, 2010

Phone Foibles

A few days ago W's phone broke (sorry if you were trying to get a hold of him and weren't able). It was really weird since it was new (not even 30 days old). He picked it up and it didn't work. The back wouldn't come off. We assumed that T had helped it end it's short life.

Sprint refused to honor its insurance policy. We were frustrated.

Then right before we went to sleep for the evening I said, It looks melted all the way through. What in our house could melt it all the way through that T would access to. Wayne broke the back off the phone and lo and behold it had melted from the inside out.

Part of me is beginning to believe the phone had a toddler-panic-attack, couldn't handle the stress, and melted itself.

We took it to Sprint. They tried to figure out if there was a way we could have done it ourselves and then replaced the phone. Yay.

You can now contact W.

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