Monday, December 10, 2012

2013 Goal

Would you like to hear my goal for 2013?

Declutter to the maximum and keep
only what I love!
I have many good friends that have made city living look easy, but as you may or may not know, it's no piece of cake.  It's just different than suburban living.

It's like this: no yard, washer, dryer, driveway, dishwasher, questionable heating/cooling of the home, roaches, mice, walking everywhere, taking a little grocery cart that is crazy to drive to get groceries for the day, etc.  

Granted there are several things that make it amazing to live in the city like: culture (museums, concerts, restaurants, oh my!), friendships, love of neighborhoods, more in shape from walking everywhere-maybe, church members are almost like family, etc.

Source and one of my new mantras.
Several women absolutely amaze me.  One of them is Emily and she has five children in a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan (it is smaller than my apartment and we're bursting out at the seams, so it doubly amazes me).  She home schools her exceedingly talented children and the youngest, T's age, has Down's Syndrome.    Her husband writes novels, plays, musicals, and movies.  She is a published writer and mom-extraordinaire.

So please, read her blog about how she has organized her house and look at the pictures and, in the words of one of my favorite movies Meet the Robinsons, "Prepare to be amazed!" 

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What do you do to motivate yourself to declutter?

Oh, guess what--I got rid of a desk!  Tomorrow is trash day and I'm going to get rid of an old chair that got too close to the heater for too long and a lamp that no longer works.  Also, someone is going to take my cheap-o stroller because they need a lightweight stroller for city outings--since I refuse to let T in a stroller now since I can't lift him all over the place and I'd really like a stroller that will work for a newborn--this is great! Yes!!!


Marci said...

This is something I desperately need in my life as well and Emily is one of my heroes in the decluttering and simple living department. I have great ambitions to declutter; maybe I'll join you in your new goal :)

vdg family said...

Yay! We can keep each other updated on the things we've removed! :)