Monday, December 17, 2012

Because I feel so blessed to have you!

Dear R:
You make me so proud. I love the way you are an example to your brother and sister.  You strive to show them the proper way to do pretty much everything.  We don't get too much time for just you and I to talk, but every time we do I just think to myself, "How did I get so lucky to have you for an oldest boy?"  You love to make people laugh.  There were a few times last year you wanted to be a comedian.  You love to make up and tell stories. You love describing things that are important to you.  In church you are the first one out of the door to go to your class, right after Sacrament Meeting. You're the first to obey, usually. When there is a project you want to complete you are very focused. Right now your favorite toys are legos; they've been your favorite for awhile; but you like all things Mario, Nijago, and interesting.  One of the toys you've been asking for all year, since we went to the Natural History Museum is a rock polishing kit.  I've yet to get you one, but you love feeling the polished stones that they sell at all the science museum shops.  You love being home with the family and if there are errands to be run, you'll happily let someone else run them.  You have great courage, like when you saved me from that mouse--my hero.   You work hard in school--though you claim it is not your favorite you seem to really thrive.  You love to talk in English accents with me (which you know I adore).  You love tickle wars--but remember, family only.  You are learning to play the trumpet better and better every day. I love it when you come to me and ask me to listen to the new songs you are learning. Little children love you and you love them. You'll be a great older brother--again in a few months.  I love you, Charlie Brown. I am so glad that Heavenly Father sent you to me!


P.S. (added later) You told me today that you found out about the Connecticut massacre today and that you cried. You have such a sweet, kind heart. I was trying to help you not worry about it, but I should have known you would find out from school.  All the people there are in our prayers, especially the parents and loved ones of those whose lives were lost.

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