Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To T

Dear T:

This is the last year I will have you at home with me almost all day.  I won't lie, it has been nice to have 2.5 hours to get errands done while you play and learn like crazy at your pre-k that you love.  You come hopping out with the biggest grin on your face and almost every day try to run past your teacher to me.  You still snuggle with me and you want to learn to read, sort of.  You are learning sight words like "you," "and," "a," and "I."  Daddy is your most favorite person in the world and you will send him loads of texts all day if you're not stopped, and sometimes other people whom you think are Daddy. You love playing electronic games and would seriously play all-day-long if you could.  You know the computers well and how to get to your favorite game sites.  You say you want to be an artist and a daddy. You love running errands with me and like S will run to get your shoes and coat to zip out to go anywhere, even if it is just down the stairs.  You love to be the first one in and out of the door.  You wrestle with R a lot and it starts with gales of laughter and once in a while ends in tears.  You love babies and little children and will herd them like a shepherd when we're at playgroups or play dates.  You laugh a lot.  Going stroller-less has been a challenge for you, so we play games all the way to school to get S and R--this last week the game was aliens, where you had to stay on the sidewalk lines if you wanted to be invisible to the alien--me--and then when you were off the sidewalk lines I could see you and you would run like crazy.  You love yogurt, especially peach.  You like fruits and vegetables sometimes and meat once in awhile, unless it is a hot dog and then you love it all the time.  If there was a choice to go to Ikea or a museum, you would choose Ikea.   You love making friends everywhere you go and are very outgoing.  I love you, T! So glad I've been blessed to have you!



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