Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For S

Dear S:

You are my happy skipping girl.  I like to sing to you the song "My Darlin' Irish Girl" from Disney's Darby O'Gill and the Little People only I change the words every time to "My darlin' S girl" and you always give me a big smile.  You skip everywhere. Sometimes you even skip if you're feeling upset.  It's not a full sized skip, kind of a mix between a skip and a shuffle. I love it!   You are very focused. You have a dear sense of fashion and the teachers can't wait to see what combinations you'll come up with the next day.  You really don't enjoy wearing jeans, at all, but you love skirts with leggings.  You are really patient with T. You like to make sure he does his homework. You do your homework first thing after getting out of school and the only thing that stops you from doing it on the playground is if you do not have a pencil or a pen or if there is a really good friend there waiting to play with you. You are the one that keeps R and T awake at night, you are the night rooster; if that makes sense.  You love to keep playing games and telling stories. You run, not walk, to me the moment I ask you for a hug and give me one of those I'll-never-let-go types of hugs and it makes my heart soar! You are one of the most persistent people I have ever met. If there is something you want or want to do you do not give up, until given a loud ultimatum.  You still like to turn the music on our electronic piano and dance around the room, provided T or I are dancing with you.  You love to squash into R's tiny bed with R and T and we come in later to find you all asleep right next to each other and you can sleep there, like that, all night.  You like it when I've done your hair--though you do not care much for the time that ridiculous blow dryer takes.  You love mysteries and your favorite tv show is Monk--which makes you wonder if there is going to be a crime and a detective in every other show or movie you watch. You love little children and going with me anywhere--especially when it can just be we two, for mommy-daughter dates. I love you so much S girl.  I am so thankful Heavenly Father sent you to me!



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