Thursday, December 6, 2012


I went to the school today to help with the Santa and Snowman photo shoot.  I had a new gadget to experiment with and I loved it. . . but I haven't officially received it until Christmas (shhhh).

This is a photo from Macy's Dec 2011. 
Santa was there.

It was so sweet to see all the little children coming into the rooms.  Their eyes first went over to Santa and I loved their responses. Some of them looked away shyly and then back again--because who can really keep from looking at the man in the red suit, when you're a kid?!  Then there were the indifferent children--who were really there for the candy canes.  But then there were the kids whose eyes lit up and they practically hopped out of their skin with "Santa!!!"

Santa waved at all the classes the moment they came in.

Several times during the day I had children come to me and ask dubiously, "Is he the real Santa?" At one point one of them said, "No, he's so-and-so's dad!"

But then I had one little girl who asked me curiously, "Is he from the north pole?" Then concernedly, "If that's Santa, where are his reindeer?"  I let her know that Santa had left his reindeer in a safe place so that he could come in the school because reindeer are not allowed in the school.

The children, these comments, and the doughnuts, made it all worth it. :)

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