Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Age to a 6-year-old

As R, S, T, a friend of R's, and I were walking to school the subject changed to ages. The boys happily bragged they were six years old. Because S was a whole year younger which made her smaller.

Then R proudly announced, "I have a grandpa that is 90 years old."

His friend said in a shocked but still matter-of-fact voice, "No one can live to be that old. That is nearly 100!"

R said something toward the effect of (quite proudly), "Yes they can because my Grandpa is 90."

Grandpa, we love you!!! You are super! And just for the record we do not think you are "old." We think you are mature, good natured, determined, supportive, loving, kind, and pretty amazing in every aspect!

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