Thursday, April 22, 2010

Professional Recyclers

This is a picture of one of the dear women in our neighborhood that laboriously sorts through people's recycling to find the greatest money-making bottles to put into her bags and to heist onto a strong stick (I think usually she has a grocery cart to help her along). Then she walks to the nearest recycle center (usually in front of Pathmark--which is over a mile away). I think she has 8 bags packed to the brim. She is probably around 70-80 years old.

Now that I see this picture I am shocked at myself for not thinking to ask her if she needed any help, (it probably was because I was preoccupied with getting my kid either to or from school--and she does not speak English). I know that she does it every day. She waves and me and is very friendly. Next time I see her with such a load I'll ask her if she needs help--as best as I can.


Marci said...

We have a woman who does that in our neighborhood as well, although she doesn't carry it on a stick. You can ask her, "Necesita ayuda?"

vdg family said...

Thanks Marci! :D

the jensen's said...

I just saw this lady today! I see her all the time. She always looks so proud of herself to have found so many cans. Every time I see her I wish I had my camera!