Thursday, April 1, 2010

Martha Stewart Show

. . . Martha Stewart Show . . .

They have a great way of setting a mood at the Martha Stewart Show. They put an emphasis on enthusiasm. So of course, my friend Nicole and I practiced all of the things they asked us to say. We were really excited about getting the Oooohs, Ahhhs, and Mmmmmms just right so they would give us some of the fabulous left-over show stuff.



This was Joey. He could make peppy cheerleaders' pep seem like yesterday's flat pancakes.

There was a camera that was right next to us (it felt like it was right on us for at least 1/3 of the time). We both agreed we felt like we had the perma-smile pasted to our faces. It was a constant state of "am I sitting up straight?" "Is there stuff in my teeth?" Talk about self-conscious.

After all that stress, we did not get the perks of extra free stuff. But we had a glorious time. We got lots of free stuff (jelly belly jelly beans, a crystal bracelet, and fluffy stuff).

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