Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This morning we were on the way to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

There was a conversation that went something went like this:

R: Mom is always in charge.
S: Mom is always in charge at the house.
R: Mom is in charge wherever we go.

That's right kids! Don't you forget that.

We went with our dear friend, Nelta Sannon from our Midwood ward. It is our tradition to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. She was amazing. I got to sit under the trees and she chased my kids for me (thank you, Nelta). It was very restful for me (a rarity when your children seem to run at the speed of light).

We met up with our dear friend that moved 2.5 years ago that was visiting from Pennsylvania, Sasha Goodman--totally unplanned. I forgot how amazing she is. She loves Brooklyn in all its eccentricities and she loves the subway. She has two kidlets that are absolutely adorable.

We went to lunch at the home of another dear Midwood friend, Paulette Asante. The food was soooo delicious and we were all slightly ravenous--especially the kidlets. She also had some delicious cheesecake from BJs (thank you Paulette).

The day made me feel so grateful for friendships. They are such amazing, kind women. I am so glad I know them.


Nelta said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....so sweet! It was the best time I've had all year! Thank YOU!

doug & mary said...

I want to move here! Can I come live with you...I might have to bring a few little people with me..maybe 5 or so :)

Chelise said...

Lovely hair- and friendships are the best :)