Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Did the Easter Bunny visit your house? Can you spy the picture of the egg T threw right as I was taking the picture?

Well he did ours. We decided that we'd tell the kids about the Easter Bunny. . . so when he came we were all mentally winking at each other in a knowing way. The kids gleefully ran around the front room squealing with delight when they found an egg. They prompted T with happy exclamations of "Look, T." "Over here!" I love moments like that!
We watched conference and it really felt like a lot of talks were directed toward rearing children with Christ-centered lives. I loved it!
Afterward W was a little solemn and he said to me, "I love you, M."

R (my son) walked by me and bumped the wall, to which he quickly said, "Sorry." It was a loud bump (and I was kind of shocked that he thought the wall was me) and I said, "Are you okay?!?"

W, assuming I was talking to him said, "Yes, I was just feeling sentimental about you."
T sitting behind me on the bed woke up a moment before and replied, "I sehmenal" which means in the language of T, I believe, "I'm sentimental."

My kids are very anxious for another Easter egg hunt. I hear about it about every five minutes. I love holidays!!!


Joe and Kristin Family said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Well, that's a natural because you have wonderful kids. We sure miss you!

Joe & Kristin

vdg family said...

We miss you too! Thanks!