Sunday, April 4, 2010

New York Hall of Science

I love this photo--it is a little piece of furniture glued to a dollhouse in the playroom. But in another sense it makes me think of my goal to some day have a home that feels absolutely beautiful.

Going to the museum with the kids can be such an ordeal. There are several factors involved:
  • getting ready--clothes, diaper/snack bag, camera, wipes, money, wallet, keys, notebooks, pens, phone . . . getting out the door, walking down the stairs, going back up the stairs to get something we forgot, going back down the stairs, opening the doors without someone getting smooshed behind them, walking out to the sidewalk (S delighted us with a "I'm so happy to be doing something" dance--which I loved and made me smile), going to the car, getting children seat-belted in, calling friend scheduled to come with us, picking up friend, getting her kids situated, etc.
  • When we get to the museum there may or may not be a super long line to get in. The goal of the parent with multiple children is to keep an eye on all of them at once--even the ones running towards the parking lot, laughing hysterically.
  • Finding out how much it costs and paying if needed or just getting the tickets while making sure the children are behaving themselves--like not talking the ear off a stranger or running past all the security guards into restricted areas.
  • Corralling the children together so we can stay together--this can be especially challenging in a crowded museum.
  • Finding a place where we can all sit down for a few moments--like for a short, educational movie or show (we saw the Bubble Show).
  • Making sure everyone is smiling.
  • Making sure the snacks hold out.
  • Taking every one to the bathroom and that everyone washes their hands.
  • Keeping us together.
  • Turning frowns upside down.
  • Absolving fits.
  • Getting us out of the museum.
  • Loading people into the car.
  • Getting some snacks.
  • Drive Home through traffic.

Now to tell you a little about the New York Hall of Science. It is a wonderful place. It is the most educational and welcoming place I think I have seen. It is a little more hands on than a childrens museum, I think.

We had a glorious time with the bubble show and the preschool room. It was so beautiful outside. Thank you Kristin! You and yours were so delightful. We had a terrific time!

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Joe and Kristin Family said...

Your visit to the NY Hall of Science is like a visit to the Discovery Gateway here in SLC. Amazing you find good things to do with your little ones in NYC. Way to go!

We agree on the prep time. Takes all day. :(

Joe & Kristin