Monday, April 19, 2010

Chocolate Marshamllow-ee Goodness

I am starting to get over an addiction. It's an addiction to anything Russel Stovers marshmallow-stuffed. You laugh, but I am totally serious. The last few weeks since Easter I found them 50% off so of course I had to try one. . . they're amazing. The eggs especially were my personal favorite because they are so moist and a little marshmallow juice leaks out of the crack in the decadent chocolate coating. They are heavenly. I went up the street to the Hallmark store and they had them for 70% off. So I bought them. . . ALL of them. I couldn't imagine such sweet tidbits of goodness being wasted.

I truly believe I have the worst sweet teeth on the planet (yes plural--more than, well-- a lot). I have an innate gift for locating candy. I honed my ears growing up to the sound of a candy wrapper and 9 times out of 10 I was there immediately when candy or any other sweet goodness was being opened.

I knew the smell of butter usually meant we were fixing rice crispy treats--unless Mom happened to be cooking rice-a-roni (to which, at the time, I was vehemently against--it was NOT rice crispy treats).

Stay on target.

So I noticed that every time I began feeling the least bit stressed I would slyly head to the kitchen for a drink of water or something seemingly innocent and would somehow end up with a chocolate-covered marshmallow treat. . . it was ridiculous. I was relatively okay with it until I began to notice my face bulking up slightly (W will tell me I don't really--but I know my face pretty well and it seems like there is extra-- face I mean).

In utter frustration and a determination not to be ruled by a seasonal candy, I have decided to boycott this tasty treat. But I will admit even looking at the picture makes me want one. I will be strong! I can do this. I did not find the marshmallow & caramel egg--if I had I don't know that I would be writing this post because caramel, marshmallow, and chocolate... eek! I had better stop thinking about this.

The picture was borrowed from the very fitting candyaddict blog. There is a whole post on them there.

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Lindsay said...

Ha! Funny you should post this. Last night after FHE we all walked over to Rite Aid -- where all the Easter candy is 75% off. We spent a few bucks and now have enough candy to last us until Halloween. Nothing marshmallowy, though, but if you're looking for M&Ms or Robin Eggs, see me. :)

(PS: It was SO FUN to run into you at the Botanic Garden today!)