Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tonight S went to sleep an hour before bedtime. I did a lot of laundry (and still have to put it away) and went to put some sheets on her bed so I could put her in it. T ran to follow me and said, "Le' me hep, Mom."

I love the sweetness. I just hope it lasts until he is a teenager--at the very least. :D I hope he always loves my snuggles and kisses when he says heart-hugging things like that.

Later T and R were reading/coloring a Sesame Street coloring book. They got to a page that said, "I'm Oscar. Now scram!" They are in there with R mock-grouch saying, "Now scram!" T is repeating him with utter delight, "Scam! Scam!"

Now T is hopping around my bed in circles making the "T" sound. Now R is following him around making the light that is plugged in behind the bed flicker like crazy. Now it will soon be out if I do not stop typing and praying this moment will be forever in my memory.

Off to rescue a light bulb and hug some little boys. :D


rachel said...

Just noticed you used the boy's names in one paragraph. Just thought I'd tell you incase you want to fix it.

vdg family said...

Thanks! I'll correct that! :D