Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hyde Park, NY

Last Friday we went to the Eleanor Roosevelt Historic Site (Val Kill) and to the Vanderbilt Mansion. We went for the education.

We learned how fun it was to be outside caterpillar hunting. It was fun to be at a historic spot. I learned that instead of focusing on the place I need to focus on the children.

At Vanderbilt I learned I need another adult to come with me because attempting to take 3 very uninterested 6-and-under-year-olds through an old antique-filled house is quite the juggle and test in patience--for all of us.

We endured a couple scathing remarks and a lot of "what on earth is that crazy woman doing?" looks from the people around us and I think we came out better because we chose to enjoy (even if inside the mansion it was more of enduring).

Mostly I tried to absorb the luscious beauty of the surroundings. We caught 2 caterpillars Fuzzy (S's) and Fuzzy Wuzzy (R's). T and I were on the cheer squad--away from the bugs.

That look you see on T's face is how I felt when we were done with the Vanderbilt Mansion.

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Joe and Kristin Family said...

What a great Mom to take the kids out and do activities like this.

Such efforts should be likened to completing a triathlon.