Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Exercise Mom!

Our family has strep throat at the moment--but we're on the mend, thankfully. Strep throat is not a pleasant thing to have (of course). There have been really low moments like when T had a fever of 105 degrees and we did everything we could to cool him down. Tylenol and Ibuprofen are really miraculous if you think about it. The picture is kind of blurry--because that is how we all have been feeling the last few days. . . not picture perfect.

Much of the time T demands to be held--especially if W is around. He loves W and seldom lets him out of his sight when W is home.

Lately, T has been really excited about my pilates and balance ball workout dvds. When I went to my grandma's funeral T watched my pilates dvd a bunch of times. I think it helps him feel closer to me (or I like to dream).

Tonight he followed me around the house saying, "ehersize Mom, ehersize."

I told him, "I already exercised today T."

I ended up turning on the dvd. He does some of the stretches and again encourages me, "Ehersize Mom."

How many two-year-olds do you know that ask their moms to exercise--several times a day?

Blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed (one for each of my family dears).

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Lindsay said...

I'm sorry you're all sick! Get better soon!! (Will you still be on for Saturday do you think? Let me know.)