Monday, January 12, 2009

Fam/T's Room

Soooo, some of you have been asking to see our family room, and yes you Mom. If you come over it is often off limits thanks to my chaos--or as the flylady would put it--the "can't have anyone over syndrome." I sense a smirk and I'll have you know I think it is a real syndrome and not to be lightly laughed at. ;)

My friend did an awesome post on her office. She's a magaziner--which means she works for a magazine (cool huh!). Her's looks way awesomer, but I had to attempt because I was jealous. She posted her magazine post and she stated all the things she has and where she got them. I pretty much don't know where everything came from so I'll do my best. Before I tell you about it however I have to tell you her post is beyond Martha Stewart worthy. Dear Ms. Stewart would fight tooth and nail to get a story like hers (check the friend link). Mine however will fit perfectly in my blog book [self satisfied sniff].

But now you can see it. Ta Da. There is still a little rearranging to be done, but it is basically complete and I am proud. I am not the most organized person and I couldn't stand the book jumble which happens after five minutes of having your children in a room, so I put all the books in the $1.49 baskets you get from your local 99 cents and up store. Toys you get from your local toy store. Frames you get from someone who gives them to you. Modge Podge cool pictures--you can't get--this is a one-of-a-kind thing--sorry. Curtains you get from your old land lady. Books you accumulate from friends, craigslist, freecycle, school, church, and library story times (as well as scholastic book orders). Toys are recycled (not green--as in natural or organic--but from other friends). These are the best toys because you feel great keeping our dumps less dumpy and your children excited about new toys and best of all---they cost you nothing--but friendships are greatly increased. The book cases are an Ikea mom-got-them-for-me special. The crib is a Sears mom-got-it-for-me special. The blankets on the inside of the crib--mom-got-them-for-me special. Soooooo, as you can very plainly see there are many wonderful people we care about and that care for us.

Boy, I never realized how blessed we are in family-ships, friendships, and love. Just so you know this will be an off-limits room to my kids for at least an hour. I love the beauty of a clutter-less floor. Yes, it may be a tornado before the day is through, but at least I have proof that it was once like it is in these pictures, and that gives me hope. :)

Life is good.


cherry said...

You did a great job! Keep it up!

cherry said...

And oh i like those book baskets[i'm into inexpensive stuff]..i think i just got an idea how to organize my children's pocket books that i still want to keep...thanks!

vdg family said...

Thanks Cherry: Always glad to be of help. Thanks for the great moral support. :)

GR82BAMOM said...

Good job! The room looks great! Nice book collection you've got going there. I'm no where near there yet.

vdg family said...

Just so you know, we have many more school books. I couldn't take getting them all out so they are stored away in a closet in our house. :) Maybe that is a good sign I need to deposit them in a recycling bin or attempt to sell them on ebay or amazon.

rachel said...

I LOVE what you've done! Those shelves actually make your panelling look GOOD! I am jealous. We should go to IKEA sometime, eat a cheap lunch and check out their clearance area. That's a favorite pastime of mine :)