Sunday, January 4, 2009


It was the official first day of Primary out of nursery for S. She was really excited. We had the parents drop their children off at nursery as usual and then the kidlets went on a trip to their new classroom where they stayed. It was great. When it came time for them to come into Sharing Time they came in a little early and sat down. It was fun to see how much energy they had and their exuberance (it kept all the leaders on our toes). Imagine 4 little kids in a room filled with kids jumping out of their seats (un-simultaneously) and running around the room gleefully (some running to the microphone to speak). Sometimes they would try to head off the teachers teaching. It was quite a site. S was the ringleader I think--if they have 3-year-old ringleaders. I think their teacher will sleep either very well or very badly tonight. :)

Today in Primary we talked about the Plan of Salvation. It was really wonderful to see the eyes of the children light up with understanding (or not). They got to the point of talking about the Celestial Kingdom and how it is the best of the best places to be. S jumped up and shouted, "Do they have candy?"

Then tonight we decided to watch The Testaments testifying of Jesus Christ. At one point in the movie S opened her arms wide and said, "Jesus is the BEST!"

Yes. Yes he is.


Lindsay said...

S was the highlight of my day in primary yesterday. Seriously.

vdg family said...

Thanks! I think we are going to practice primary at home. :)