Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Addition

Before you start the "yay" and "Congratulations" yelp, I feel the need to state that I am NOT pregnant. We have decided to name him, our new pet turtle, Tuck Greeny VDG. R is SUPER excited to have him. My new pet names for him are Sir Stink-a-lot, Pepe Le Piu, Stinky, or whatever I may feel at the stench of the dear little amphibian (though I may only think them to keep the atmosphere uplifting and cheerful).

He/she seems to be a well behaved sort of turtle and I must admit I enjoy seeing the children play with him. Every five minutes R walks over to the tank to check up on him. We've decided that he can feed and such in a separate tank from the one with rocks (into one with one rock). Now that we have a turtle I am taking ideas on handling the smell; other than cleaning the tank every day.

Somehow this brings me back to my childhood. I remember the list of pets I dreamed about--a monkey, a turtle, a crab, a horse. A monkey seemed so glamorous. Of course, they obviously came with their own hand-cranking music box and they played the little cymbals (I really like Shirley Temple movies--check out "Poor Little Rich Girl").

Then, I remember thinking turtles must be the best. They have their own little cabin they carry on their back, they like water, they can crawl on your bed, they can crawl around the house. Some how I totally missed the fact that both of these wonderful creatures smell sulfurous.

Pictures to come. ;)


rachel said...

Did you find a little one after all? I find that the little ones are stinky, but I only have to change the water once a week. Bigger turtles comes with bigger stench factor for sure. You can buy a tank cleaner that will absorb the yuckies into a sponge and you can just wash out the sponge every few days. There are also chemicals/drops you can buy for the water that will keep the water manageable. I can't wait for pics!

Joe and Kristin Family said...

Post the pictures! Post the pictures! We want to see the turtle!

As Wayne will remember, we had turtles, snakes, iguanas, cats, dogs, mice, rats, gerbils, snakes, ducks, and more (seriously!) at home... looks like you're going to keep the tradition!