Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Airplane Productions

Today we went for another round of Little Airplanes Productions for BBC backed 3rd and Bird. I showed the kids the preview on the BBC Ceebies website the night before.

They told the kids they hadn't seen the movie before, to which they adamantly responded, "YES, we have." No, the continued, they hadn't. My kidlets were so adamant finally they asked, "Where did you see it?" "On the computer," they said. I got a few suspecting glances. LOL, I just wanted to be informed on what they were showing my kids. I thought it was so cute that I wanted to show my kids what they were going to be seeing (at least a glimpse). :)

They told their first story with the picture boards and then they asked questions about differences. They asked S, "What makes us different?" S answered thoughtfully, "Because God asks us to be." I think I must have had a beaming smile on my face. What a dear!

I love my dear ones.

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