Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Small and Simple

Pleasure me with a moment of gratuitous pondering of the infinite worth of the small and simple things. The plethora and enormity of seemingly insignificant things that surround us on a daily basis slowly mold the way we register the changes and movements in our lives.

I enjoy Mary Engelbreit. Her pictures are pure delight and seem to jump out of the page to greet me. I learned from my mother that calendars are a wonderful resource for wall decoration if one is in a monetarily challenged position and even if one is not. One can imagine that my house has plenty of those pictures greeting me upon every turn (okay, not EVERY turn). One of my favorite sayings upon them is:

There is a choice you have to make in everything you do.
And you must always keep in mind the choice you make, makes you.

So you can imagine my goal of the week--or the next week--starting tomorrow is to recognize the small things in my life that I can change for the better. I won't be listing this list on this blog--it is rather extensive. ;)

Check out the poster:


cherry said...

That was such an ideal goal...i think it's important that we recognize the small and simple things in our lives esp. the small and simple things that we do to make our lives better...then we will appreciate ourselves more and continue to feel motivated to do matter how small and simple.Thanks, something to ponder...

and sincerely you have wonderful, reverent children...i admire them.

doug & mary said...

I love that quote! Truly inspiring! Your such a great example to me...thanks for being you!