Saturday, January 3, 2009

highway tag

Have you ever run on a busy highway? Well today we (R, S, and I) did. It wasn't like we broke down or anything. It wasn't a gang-entrance-exam, it was just . . . okay an hour-long-stand-still-traffic-problem. Everyone around us was looking absolutely bored of their gourd (as my mother would say).

Sooooo the kids and I got out. S was on the point of hysterics (you know how kids get right before they collapse for their naps). Then I somehow convinced R to come out with me and run around (W was entertaining T inside the warm car). So we played tag and yes--we ran a lot around and around the car. I thought about asking the other people with children in their cars if they wanted their kids to get some exercise with us but as we began to freeze I advised myself otherwise. Oh well, they missed their opportunity to tell people they had played tag on a busy highway. ;)

I think we entertained some of the people that were so bored all the could do was look straight ahead dazedly. Some people got out of their cars to chuckle at us. Of all places I think the people on the road need comic relief.

I forgot to mention because we left the house quickly I wore my high heels. Contrary to common belief, women can run in high heels.

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