Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

FHE is pictured above

This has been a very exciting couple of days. In anticipation for S's birthday (and because it was going to be freezing on her birthday) we decided to go to Chucklet Cheese's early. We had a great time but we are tiring of the pizza and have decided the next time we go we are going to be eating previous to going so that we can go and just have fun playing games the entire time (and it is much cheaper). As usual, not to break our nightly record, we spilled an entire glass of beverage.

Then today we made had our traditional cereal sundaes (yum). S's favorite cereal was Lucky Charms but she gladly conceded to getting the generic kind (without any complaints--those marshmallows are so tempting). She opened her presents--a Snow White (the Disney character) dress and a bucking bronco game. She immediately put the dress on and wore it straight---for an hour--then changed into her old dresses. :) Ah, well.

We are doing our best to save money these months (which is a delightful challenge). The only thing stopping us from saving money are the parking tickets we get slapped with every other day (the police people here are always on the prowl--and are under the jurisdiction of the NYC Department of Finance--seriously). NYC has made a bundle on us, that much I can tell you. Sometimes we aren't even breaking the law. Oh, so the reason I am telling you this is because I came up with some other great gifts that S loves. I got one of my old makeup compacts and emptied it of remaining makeup as much as possible. Then I put up some old paper on the wall of their room and they made a dinosaur and princess diorama (thus the triceratops). Hopefully the finished diorama will be posted when it is done, which may be awhile. I figured out that is a great thing to do with remaining Christmas wrapping paper that you don't want to save. Keep the tape handy if you have little Ts crawling around.
The scribble on the picture may look like a signature, but it is grass. :) Although that would be an awesome kindergarten signature.

We also made a lovely castle cake, which you can find how to make here. The thing is we didn't have all the supplies and I made it with only one cake mix instead of two and we ran out of frosting in the "crumb frosting" part which is absolutely fine with me--and with the kids. The brown chocolate sprinkles were attempting to make a door way--but it kind of made a mess, just imagine a regal chocolate doorway. We had a fabulous time eating it and instead of waiting a few more minutes for it to chill we ate it right away--yum. Pictures will be posted later. S did her own hair with a little help from R.

S we love you and are so glad you are in our family. You are a ray of sunshine flitting through the house. We love to see you dance, sing, jump, draw, read, write, and everything else you do fabulously. We love to hear you pretending. You are our little princess. Thank you for helping pick up after yourself. Thank you for being so excited about breakfast cereal, drawing, etc. Thank you for helping T be a good boy. Thank you for being you!


Lindsay said...

Happy birthday, S!

cherry said...

Happy Birthday S!I think S and I will get along...Lucky charms cereal is also my favorite...who can resist that crunchy marshmallows? YUM!YUM!

LeolaniNYC said...

Happy Birthday S! Looks like you all had a lovely time!