Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Lately I have been very busy. I got my house cleaned up on Friday, which was a wonder (no smirking). Since then I feel like I have been reeling in circles and my house is once again a disaster area. I blame it on my 3 kidlets, but most likely it is a whole family thing. :)

My hair has not been cut. It is still very long. It did not sell. I am okay with that. I can either save it for when it is longer and then try to sell it or I can cut it and sell it for cheaper. I haven't decided, but I really appreciated your input.

T has been talking up a storm. I think he says Ro oh, for R. I love it. He also says, "wow, wow, wow." Even writing this my eyes scrinch up with endearment for my little 'un. Motherhood is so special to me. For those that don't have these dear ones yet, you will. You'll love them. You'll be so great!

Today we made lunch for the missionaries of the Brooklyn Mission. Ok, I pretty much watched the kids that would let me watch them and Kristin Taylor made the food and Emily and friends made the rest of the food. It was wonderful to see all those wonderful missionaries (many of the ones that helped us move).

The dear 2 year olds had so much energy. They wanted to wrestle, take each other's toys, watch their own movies, etc. I forgot how exciting/exhausting they can be--and yes I have children like that now but a little more able to express themselves. It made me laugh at how they wanted things just their way and if you wanted different you were discluded. Their ideas of staying focused was running in one direction more than 2 seconds. Aren't 2 year olds so delightful?!

I love that little children love high pitched excited voices. Now I understand why children's programming has the borderline annoying voice thing in almost every program--children like it.
I used to think this was talking down to a kid, now I think it is just talking to a kid on their level. It is kind of like bending down to talk to them so you can look them in the eye rather than glaring down at them. They loved to be chased, they love brightly colored objects, they love a bit of competition (but not much), they love to be cuddled (for about 5 seconds) with gales of laughter, and they love to be told they are good at something (really, who doesn't?). Validation is everything to them. I just wanted to let their mommies know, if they are reading this, they are GREAT mommies. You should be very proud of your kidlets.

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