Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thanks Dad!

Dear Dad:

Thank you for not calling me an ingrate when I was growing up. Thank you for letting my severe ingratitude not smack me in the face until today. When I was cleaning up the overflowed toilet and plunging to save the water reserves I began to recognize how much you did for us. All those times you worked hours and hours on projects around the house--I had no idea what you were doing, but I knew that if I ever had any household problems I could call you in a wink and you'd be there to help me.

Take today for example, R dutifully flushed the toilet and a few minutes later began to call for help to which I walked--will I ever learn--and found an inch of water on the floor (sorry downstairs neighbor). The toilet would not be consoled and wept literally gallons. It wasn't until I turned the knob of waterlessness that the toilet began to stop.

It was then I phoned you--oddly enough I thought I needed to go through my list of "probably should call first people"--but I knew you were the one that would have the solution on the spot.

I think that toilet of mine really holds a grudge. Seriously I think it decided it did not like us from the minute we walked in the house because I am positive I have had to call you at least once every two weeks to ask for advice on what to do. Maybe I am biased but I think it is snobby. After all--it is a 1940's antique, custom built toilet without the $166 toilet lid--maybe that's what it's mad about. Not that I am complaining because it normally does it's job. But I think it gets disgruntled at the quick flushes (that would work on any normal toilet). No, this one demands the actual 10 second flush--and yes, you HAVE to count.

Thank you for giving me correct instructions on plunging. I had no idea but plumbing is really an art. The way one plunges is an art too. I found out from Brent, my bro, the proper way to plunge. You stick it in their at an angle to relieve air and then you do the quick swashes. . . .Sw, sw, sw, sw, sw (abbreviated form of course that would go on for about two pages scrolling and four pages on paper--but to save megapixels and paper in the future I am truncating it). It kind of sounds like a squirrels resting heart rate--unless you really get into it--then it is faster. It is really a pretty good work out.

Forgive me please, for being an absolute ingrate. I didn't realize all that you do. You and Mom make the best team! I hope I can be just like both of you. Thank you for all you did and all you do. :)

Love always,

P.S. For those reading, please forgive any potty-mouth language. I have no excuse--I am not yellow, square, and wear brown pants and have starfish for friends. We do not condone such talk in my house.


cherry said...

I just love your sweet spirit and sense of humor too!

Brent Orton said...

Love you Melanie. You are so good to take all that advice. Sorry about the flood. Your description was good. I think I might try plunging tonight!

Love Brent and Tanya