Friday, January 23, 2009

Sisters in Zion -- Visiting Teaching Message for Sisters in Our Ward

There is a bush a couple of streets from where I live. It would normally have beautiful, lush white blossoms during the warmer months. There is something I really admire about this tree. It is the fact that it is determined to bloom during the winter even if the buds get frozen brown. It really boomed in December, now it is slowing down but never giving up. The leaves are not as brilliantly green as before yet even at subzero (or feeling like) temperatures it is determined to spread joy and beauty.

I feel like the sisters of Relief Society do this very thing. Even if times are difficult or we are in the "winter of life" we still reach out to those around us to spread happiness and love. Our blossoms though sometimes may turn an antiquated brown still bring joy to the beholders. Our acts of service burst through. Yes, there are times when we'd like to burst out and spread more cheer, but we strive to do all we can.

I know the Lord knows each of us and loves us dearly. When we serve one another we are serving him--even if it is just a patient smile to a somewhat mischievous child or a smile-nod to a neighbor. "Everything denotes there is a God." I love Him. I pray that we may reach out to those whom we visit teach and share just a bit of His love for them with them. We will feel an outpouring of love for each of our sisters as we pray for them and seek to be the arms of love reaching out for them (like a hug from our Savior). Our lives will be brighter and our hearts will be feel the extraordinary love of our Heavenly Father for us as well.


cherry said...

I love this message Melanie, something new for me, comes from the heart of a good woman.I love what you said about praying for each other...i hope we truly realize the power of prayer...esp. during this time of depression...and that a sincere prayer offered will do more than a "chocolate chip cookies?"[haha...i hope i made sense]

we can not always be there by their side but I know that the Holy Spirit will let us know and feel our sisters' love through their sincere prayer.Love you!

doug & mary said...

Great post Melanie! I love it!

Camille said...

thanks for that! I am currently filling out approval forms to buy you a ticket to fly out and present a lesson for our visiting teaching conference.