Saturday, January 31, 2009

Curious to Know Your Thoughts

There is a new law going into effect on the 10th of February about Lead. I know that lead can hurt children but it is interesting to note that this law may have a few more implications than we originally thought. All playthings for children under 11 have to be inspected and pronounced "safe" which I agree with except that I can't stand rising costs.

Children may be impacted by this further for school and public libraries to be disbanded in the future because of the lead and such:

Small businesses will not be able to produce and ship out their products without inspection.

This article on this blog gives a better description and more websites to check out.

What do you think?



doug & mary said...

I have been sitting on the fence about this one. I think it's great to have safer toys but at the same time I really love to find the older toys at a good price.

GR82BAMOM said...

The safety of our children is first and foremost, whatever it takes, but of course, WITHIN REASON. I say stop importing cheapo stuff (albeit toys or whatever) from China. That will hurt them so much that they will then have to do the right thing and use lead-free paints on toys, etc.

vdg family said...

I think these are really good points. I also think that we little realize how much we outsource almost everything to China because labor is so cheap. They are the people that offer the lowest prices (however they can). How many toys do we see that are not marked, "Made in China?" If we suddenly stopped market interchange with China I think it would send a shock to the variety of products we now have.