Sunday, January 11, 2009


At church, today, T showed everyone his very great vocals with several exhultant DAH's. Unfortunately it was during the middle of Sacrament Meeting and I had to take him out.

He has been gracing us with some great words (that some may not really consider words, but are): uh-oh, mmmmmmm (which he always says at meal time--I must be a great cook). Some other words we are pretty sure he is trying to say are "Hello" and "Amen."

Neither R or S spoke this early (in any way I can remember). I remember R waited until he was older than 2 to start talking. It is amazing to see the differences.

T wanted to go to anyone who stopped to talk to me. It was hilarious. One person took him out of my arms and held him for about five minutes and T wouldn't let me take him. It was hilarious to me and fun for T.

He also loves to sit in his seat (with a seatbelt) and play the piano. He grabs W's trumpet and sings into it. When W starts to take it away to play he cries for another turn (it is sweet).

My kids love to see new people. If I start to talk with anyone almost anywhere they immediately think it's open market to begin an in-depth conversation about almost anything (S especially). It keeps me laughing. S will dominate the entire conversation, especially if it is a loved one like Grandma. Grandma tops the list of most beloved visitors. Right after them, I think it is the missionaries. :)

R has been asking how to spell every word he writes. It is pretty fun. Sometimes he gets the direction he is supposed to write mixed up. In schools here they have stopped teaching spelling and are working on getting kids interesting in writing. I don't know when they start spelling. I love to see any sort of writing however and at present feel no qualms toward it.


cherry said...

Your children are so cute, they always smile....

vdg family said...

Thanks Cherry!